Just in from Minneapolis: Peter Gaustad’s “Monster Cards”

Peter Gaustad, digital photo-drawing, 2011.

Peter Gaustad, "Havenator," digital photo-drawing, 2011.

These images keep my interest. They have lots of  opposites as components: Innocence and maturity, photography and drawing,  vulnerable and monstrous.

What do you think of this way of drawing with technology. I like these pieces and haven’t seen anything quite like them before, though I don’t wander very far into digital art territory.

About Patricia Briggs
Patricia Briggs is the director of galleries and curator of exhibitions at Jamestown Community College in Western New York. She writes the blog "Scene Unseen: Viewing Notes" about visual art in her community.

5 Responses to Just in from Minneapolis: Peter Gaustad’s “Monster Cards”

  1. So, this is like.. little kid meets rehab? And cross breeds with the Incredible Hulk? Kind of bitchin if you ask me….

    • I agree. I think these might be drawings mapped over a photo but I can’t tell. I think it looks like the kid is changing into a graphic novel or the graphic novel character is turning into a kid.

  2. Graphic novel character wort of a cross between sad and adult and abused child in a beautiful way.

  3. Dan Noyes says:

    I’ve always felt that Pierre’s work is attempting to capture the inner animal within us. It chases that fine line the same way the animus within us pushes itself to our surface. We all have these looks whether young or old. This work rouses that inner beast to the surface and lets us see it and revel in it. I personally find great reflection in the work since they at once make me flinch, laugh and wonder…….so does Pierre!

    Dan Noyes

    • It is really cool to hear all the responses with this work. How does Peter take this stuff to the next level? Is it possible to present this sort of thing in a gallery or should it be graphic novel or an animation?

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