“Veterans Book Project” Exhibition and Workshop at UW-Parkside

Veterans Book Project Workshop at UW-Parkside

Jan. 20-Feb. 11, 2012

UW-Parkside is hosting the Veterans Book Project as an exhibition in collaboration with Carthage College Gallery, Racine Arts Council, the Civil War Museum, and UW-Milwaukee Special Collections library this Spring from March 27-May 12, 2012.

In anticipation of the exhibition, UW-Parkside is hosting a  Veterans Book Project Workshop Jan 30-Feb 11, 2012. In this workshop a small number of participants work with the artist, Monica Haller, and her team to shape books that will become part of the growing library. There is  still room for a few more participants. See the postcard describing the project and workshop below. This will be a small workshop with 4 or 5 participants. Please email me if you would like to know more about the workshop or if you know someone that should be contacted, briggsp@uwp.edu.

March 27 – May 12, 2012

“Monica Haller, The Veterans Book Project”

UW-Parkside Foundation Gallery

The Veterans Book Project is a growing library of books that Monica Haller is building with veterans, and others with first-hand experience of war. It is a growing library, each written by a veteran, enlisted man or woman, or someone closely connected with the current American wars (a spouse, brother, Iraqi civilian, for example). The Veterans Book Project is a flexible artwork meant to be shared person-to-person, exhibited in galleries, libraries, and schools.

This March and April the Veterans Book Project will be exhibited at five locations throughout Kenosha, Racine and Milwaukee.  UW-Parkside Foundation Gallery (March 27-May 12, 212), Carthage College Gallery (March 27-April 27, 2012), Racine Art Council’s ArtSpace Gallery (April 5-April 30), and the Civil War Museum in Kenosha and UW-Milwaukee Special Collections Library during April. Monica Haller is facilitating a workshop with local veterans at UW-Parkside January 30-February 10, 2012. Contact gallery@uwp.edu for information. See Veterans Book Project website.

About Patricia Briggs
Patricia Briggs is the director of galleries and curator of exhibitions at Jamestown Community College in Western New York. She writes the blog "Scene Unseen: Viewing Notes" about visual art in her community.

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