Made in China: Photography by Monika Garami, Brian Ulrich, and Zhan Youbing

MADE IN CHINA: Photographs by Monika Garami, Brian Ulrich, and Zhan Youbing

Weeks Gallery

Exhibition November 1- December 9, 2016

Every day we shop for, handle, and use countless products made by factory workers who are thousands of miles away in China, completely invisible to us.  Zhan Youbing worked in the factories of Dongguan, China before he began photographing his fellow workers. In his first exhibition in the United States, Zhan presents portraits of these people who touch our lives through the products we consume. Monika Garami, a photographer based in Warren, follows the trail of Chinese-made clothing as it makes its way to Bluestem Distribution Center (formerly Blair Corporation) in Irvine, PA. Rhode Island-based Brian Ulrich investigates the retail side of this global relationship in a series of photos made in American big box stores.

Thursday, November 10, 6-8 p.m. | Reception

  • Artists introduce their works in the gallery. Reception with hors d’oeuvres, wine, and other refreshments will follow.

November 9-11 | Artist Residency

  • Campus residency: Chinese photographer,  Zhan Youbing. Contact Patricia Briggs to schedule a class visit or exhibition tour with the artist.

More about Zhan Youbing: Zhan was born in Xiangfan city of Hubei Province of Peoples Republic of China in 1973 and currently lives and works in Dongguan. He joined the army of the Sichuan Peoples Armed Police Corps when he was nineteen and retired from active military service in 1995.  He then went to work in Guangdong as a migrant worker, employed in public security, public affairs and administration in factories and hotels. In 2002, he started working in photography and since 2006 his projects have focused on the lives of fellow workers. He has taken more that 400,00 photographs of migrant workers. His images have been published in many media outlets and journals including Southern Weekly, Chinese Photograph, Asahi Shimbun, NBC, CNN, Daily Mail and others.

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